Pineapple Benefits: Reasons To Grow Pineapples At Home

There are many benefits to growing pineapples – and shortly I will produce a series of videos showing you how to propagate and grow pineapples for yourself. So to precede this series though I thought I’d share some thoughts about the benefits of pineapples and why you’d want to grow them.

Pineapple Benefit 1 – Growing Pineapples is Easy

Growing pineapples is actually pretty easy – if you are patient. Once you have a pineapple, you can pretty much turn that into an endless farm of pineapple fields is you had the time, space and patience. So the good news is if you love pineapples and recycling – you can turn these loves into unlimited supply of both :)

Pineapple plants are drought tolerant. This is great for us people growing them in Australia. Personally I live on the Gold Coast and I just do not water my pineapple plants at all. If you don’t understand the conditions we have here on the Gold Coast, we are borderline tropical. So we seem to get a mix of summer, autumn, winter, spring; combined with a partial wet season/dry season. Its a bit mixed up. We do get periods of 6 – 12 weeks of no rain though and my pineapples continue to grow and produce fruit whether I water them or not during these spells.

There is one extra tip I have for Aussie backyard growers too – as soon as you think your pineapple is ripe, pick it. Even if you then leave it for a day or too sitting inside in the sun to fully ripen. I have had many a pineapple stolen by local marauding possums over the years :)

Pineapple Benefit 2 – Pineapples Are Good For You

Pineapples are very good for you. I could write a book on this but rather, I thought I’d condense some of the health benefits into bullet points so you don’t have to read for months…

  • Despite being full of vitamins and minerals, pineapples are very low in calories.
  • They contain bromelain which is an enzyme that:
    • helps break down protein
    • has anti-inflammatory properties
    • has anti-clotting properties
    • has anti-cancer properties
  • Comes full of vitamin C
  • Has a bunch of other elements which help control heart rate and blood pressure

Pineapple Benefit 3 – They Look Pretty Cool

Most of the time a pineapple is a simple spikey plant. If you pick the right corner of your garden they look pretty cool year round. All of a sudden though, you get this bit piece of “multi-fruit” growing out of the centre of it. I never tire of people walking past my pineapple plants and hearing the “Wow – thats a pineapple” comment that come back. People really are astounded when you have pineapples growing in your garden. Its a lot of fun.


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