Gardening – Creating Form or Function

What type of garden are you working on? What are you creating? Are you creating something beautiful, or producing something functional? Or are you creating something beautiful that will produce for you also, not sacrificing one for the other?

The active gardener will typically have one of two goals. He will either grow things for consumption, in the form of a vegetable garden, herb garden,  fruit trees and the like. Or he will create a space to enjoy, a space of beauty, peace or for contemplation. A master may be able to create something that serves both purposes. A place of beauty that also produces food for consumption.

I am more of the “produce food” type of gardener. That being said though, I have also spent significant time in my youth growing bonsai trees, so I really appreciate the space and tranquility a beautiful garden creates. I think when creating a garden for food, I often forget that I  can also create an experience for visitors. I get caught up in the harvest already when planting, and plan according to what will grow well now in that space, completely forgetting I can sit back, think about beauty  and manifest that also.

So I am going to make that one of my new year resolutions this year. When planning a garden for herbs or veggies, I will site back, plan a little longer and give thought to the aesthetics of the garden also. Plan the garden with the intention of creating beauty as well as food. I am going to try and create a space that when we go out into the garden to gather some herbs for the soup, we end up sitting and spending a few moments there as the experience is so enjoyable we don’t want to leave.

After all, we all deserve a little more peace and beauty in our lives don’t we.



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I am a keen backyard gardener. I love getting my hands dirty, the magic of new life it brings, but most of all I love the taste of food I get to grow

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