Alfalfa, Mung Beans, Wheatgrass – I Love This Sprouter

I really love this alfalfa sprouts (and other seeds) sprouter. There are just so many positives with growing sprouts at home. How cool is this image too – these are two of my 3 children and this is how I found them when I came downstairs yesterday morning. They each have a tray and they religiously come down to see how their seeds are growing.

This specific 4 tray sprouter is a “Mr Fothergills Kitchen Seed Sprouter”. I bought mine from Bunnings for just under $20 but have also seen them around at department stores like Big W. Here is a quick video I took of the sprouter when I had alfalfa, wheatgrass and broccoli growing in it, but just after I had harvested mung beans also.

So apart from the benefits mentioned in this video, they also pay themselves off very fast. Here is the mathematics of buying and using these sprouters.

  1. The unit costs $20
  2. Seed packets cost $4.50 each
  3. Each seed packet (alfalfa/mung beans etc) will make about 6 trays of sprouts.
  4. Its a bit difficult to perfectly measure this given variable prices etc, but I think each tray will produce a minimum of $1.50 worth of produce (alfalfa) and up to $3.50 with some of the other types of sprouts and herbs. This is using prices at supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles.
  5. If we say the average tray then produces just $2.00 worth of produce, the average seed packet will produce $12.00 worth of sprouts.
  6. This means that when you are in your 3rd packet of seeds, the produce you have grown will have paid off the sprouter and the seeds you have paid for. IE. You will have produced about $36 worth of sprouts if you had purchased them at the supermarket, yet the sprouter and three seed packets would only have cost you $33.50

Thats pretty good and fast value if you ask me. If you schedule your seeding too as explained in the video, you would have achieved this payoff within a month of buying the goods – and you’d be saving money every time you use the sprouter after that.

If you really want value too – you can then look around at places to buy seeds in bulk. The $4.50 seed packets are nicely packaged and rather costly for the amount of seeds in them – just by nature of being convenient for us. I have seen some online retailers selling sprout seeds in bulk, like in 1kg parcels. I will hunt around and find some shops that do this and let you know where they are.

If you want to buy one of these but don’t really have time to get down to a department or hardware store, I have found this one on Amazon which is really similar to the Mr Fothergill’s one and a bit cheaper. I do recommend everyone gets one of these for their homes though. They are fun and give you a daily hit of fresh produce.



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