About Collect Sow Grow

Right from the start when I was a little kid, growing things has been a part of my life. From alfalfa sprouts and mung beans, to grafted tomatoes with Dad in the backyard and my little herb patch, I’ve enjoyed the process of planting, nurturing and harvesting. Right from this very young age, I learned that there really is nothing like eating produce that you’ve grown and cared for yourself.

It’s more than that though, there is a spiritual side to being in the garden. It brings a real connection to the flow of life, to earth and the seasons. When you take gardening from the collection of seed, through planting, nurturing, harvesting and back to the collection of seed, it a perpetual self sustaining life cycle. We don’t need to go out and buy seedlings or saplings to plant, with a bit of forethought we can wander for a while and find what we need outside, or in the fruit we ate for breakfast today. All we need is a little knowledge, a sense of patience and the deep desire to get our hands dirty.

This is what this website is about. The cycle of life in the garden. How to grow stuff from seed, all the way through to the collection of seed at the other end. Some of these techniques will be simple, others complex. I don’t know everything and I experiment a lot too. Being a blog style of website, I’ll record my experiments and the results. I’m here to learn too though, so if you are into this type of thing, you are welcome to contribute, either with comments on posts or more formally. Have a look at the contributors page if you’d like to add your own gardening experiences here.